Sat Paraná Ensacadeira started its activities in June 1994, with the initial objective of creating precision scales in the bagging of solid products (fertilizer, cement, mortar, mineral salt, feed, lime, limestone, seeds, cassava starch, flour, products among others). Here, a long journey begins, where quality, creativity and hard work have become the pillar for the great advance in the area of ​​precision scales.

Leaders in the national bagging market with high technology, precision and productivity, we are pioneers in Electronic Baggers with weighing and self-correction. We are always researching and developing new technologies, with the aim of offering the market, machines ready to produce more and better, always aiming at greater profitability for our clientele.

We have a wide range of equipment: Mechanical, Electronic Baggers, Dosing Command, Big Baggers and Industrial Automation. Number 1 Manufacturer in Brazil of Automatic Bag Palletizers and Automatic Bag Applicator Robot, for plastic, raffia and paper tube sacks, with 100% Brazilian technology.

A major breakthrough was achieved with the creation of the Graphite Synthetic Pneumatic Cylinder, created and developed for industries in different sectors, including in the chemical area, where there is a need for materials with a low corrosion rate, high durability and low cost. We have a portfolio with more than 1,000 (one thousand) active customers, totaling more than 10,000 machines across Latin America and the African continent.

With a built area of ​​10,000 m², Sat Paraná develops and manufactures several models of baggers, all manufactured with safety factors that can include standards from anywhere in the world. This only proves the reasoned experience of our company, which follows the paths of modernity, with an eye towards the new, investing more and more in its employees and in new technologies, in order to remain in the ranking as the 1st in its segment. All this because you, Sat Client, are the main reason for our work.

Sat Paraná, for 27 years with the best solutions for your bagging area.

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We are a family owned and operated business.

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