The Sat Paraná Pre-Weighing BIG BAG Bagger was developed for the bagging of solid products on a large scale, in BAGS of up to 2000Kg.

The equipment consists of two silos, one upper and one lower (weighing hopper). The product to be bagged leaves the customer's main storage silo to the upper silo of the bagger, from where it is released to the weighing hopper through the opening of a butterfly valve. Four load cells are responsible for weighing the product in the lower silo, with a capacity of 2000 kg. Next to reaching the programmed weight, one of the cylinders (twinned duplex), responsible for opening and closing the butterfly valve, is activated, partially closing the exit the product until the programmed weight is reached. Reaching the programmed weight, the second cylinder is activated, completely obstructing the weighing hopper. Once the programmed weight is confirmed, the electronic system issues a command making the weighing hopper butterfly valve fully open, releasing the product to the BAG.

While the product (already weighed) is transferred to the BAG, more product arrives at the weighing hopper, in order to leave the programmed quantity of product ready for the next BAG. This system allows that there is always the correct amount of product waiting to be bagged, ensuring greater agility and a production of up to 80 BAGS per hour.

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