The BIG BAG bagger with Sat Paraná platform is intended for the bagging and direct weighing of products in BIG BAG type bags, with a load capacity of up to two tons. Its platforms allow the operator to attach each of the handles of the BAG to their respective hooks in a safe manner, without the use of a ladder and without the need to move away from the BAG constantly at each start of the cycle.

The weighing system operates with the BAG suspended, through four load cells, installed at the ends of the fixed structure of the bagger. The command to lower the filled BAG to the pallet (or conveyor belt) is only issued after the Electronic System confirms the programmed weight for bagging, in order to reduce possible weight variations.

The BIG BAG Sat Paraná is developed to adapt to different heights of BAGS, so that your chains can be repositioned in links that best adapt to the new desired height, easily and safely. For greater agility and efficiency in bagging products at BAGS, some optional items have been developed:

Vibrating table: fixed under the BAGS accommodation mat after bagging, the vibration allows better accommodation of the product in the BAG, especially when it comes to powdery products.


Bags transport cart: located in the center of the bag, with rails anchored to the floor and a platform to be positioned under the bag to be filled. The trolley has the function of transporting the full BAG manually to the pallets or storage location of the customer's choice. After the bagging process is finished, the operator pulls the cart to the desired location.

Automatic Bag Conveyors: located in the center of the bag, just below the bag to be filled. The conveyors have the function of transporting the full BAG to the Pallets where they will be accommodated or the storage location of the customer's choice. This process is automated, eliminating the use of force by operators.

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