ASV 1000 Valve Bag Applicator - Top Valve

The Sat Paraná Bag Applicator Robots were designed to automate the top valve bag filling process and eliminate the need for an operator next to it, reducing labor costs and making the bagging process faster. It can be used to apply Paper and Plastic bags (ASV - P 1000) or Raffia (ASV - R 1000).

The ASV-P 1000 consists of a robot arm for the application of valve bags to the bagging nozzles with top valve filling, leaving the factory accompanied by an ES 5000 SB PLUS bagger, a Bag Magazine and a Russian Roots blower . The robot arm, located at the front of the applicator, is pneumatically activated, where it makes a pendular movement to the bag magazine. A system of suction cups fixed on a stainless steel support, through suction by vacuum switch, takes one bag at a time and suspends it while a pneumatic cylinder installed at the end of its stem with a cylindrical tip is activated, opening the valve (from the top) the bag before it is attached to the bag spout. The bag is inserted into the filling nozzle at the same time as a set of two cylinders with rubber tips make the bag secure, fixing it in that position.

With the total fixation of the bag in the spout, the Applicator releases the bag so that the Bagger performs its filling process. During this process, the arm moves again towards the bag magazine, leaving the next bag ready to repeat the cycle. The entire process described above takes place in less than 10 seconds.

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